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Fetster Review

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Fetster.com initially caught our attention as it is one of the only such services that is free. That said, you'll find doms and subs at Fetster, mainly female, who charge for their services. Much like Fetlife.com, the site acts more like an online community for fetish enthusiasts rather than a traditional "dating" service.

As such, the site resembles a Facebook for perverts, with the ability to join groups, blog, add others to your friends and update your status. Most importantly, there are no restrictions on use which means that there is generally a good amount of new material being uploaded and published everyday.

Furthermore, a well endowed user base means that there is a good variety of users with fetishes in everything from role play to daddydoms. Even while signing up, the range of options available to describe yourself and what you're into will impress even the veteran fetsters out there.

According to their blurb, Fetster was set up as an alternative to those sites which are often full of fake or inactive profiles. Paying for a site, only for all your communications to be met with silence, or someone trying to sell you something, would be very frustrating.

At first, Fetlife's zero tolerance policy on inactive or fraudulent profiles may seem a bit excessive, but most people find that it makes normal communication between active members very easy. So the policy does have merit.

Sign up does take a little while due to the amount of information you are asked to fill in. While this can be skipped and filled in at another time, we do urge users to pay attention to their profiles for two reasons.

Firstly, a well-kept profile shows other users that you are serious and trustworthy; share and others will share with you. Secondly, fill out all the fields of your profile and you'll show up more often in searches, be contacted more frequently by other members, and hence greatly improve your chances of getting a date!

The same principal goes for the photos you upload and the amount you participate in the blogs and groups. In this way, Fetster is very much like real life, the more you give, the more you'll get in return.

However, it must be said that some aspects of Fetster have enjoyed more success than others. For example, whilst users are constantly uploading a great selection of photos which are displayed very effectively (think a fetish orientated instagram) almost no one bothers to upload any videos.

Likewise, while the blogs make excellent reading material for those bored of 50 Shades of Gray, the groups do not seem to have taken off at all.

We put this down to Fetster having only achieved enough critical mass for certain aspects of their service. This is a common issue for services that rely on user-generated content but if Fetster becomes more popular this should become less and less of a problem. At first glance, Fetster appears a little amateurish, but some people will find this to be part of its charm.

Fetster's policy, like many of the more modern alternative dating sites in this category, is that fetishes shouldn't be restricted to seedy hotels and anonymous encounters, but rather we should all embrace the dark side of our sexuality. As such, we would recommend Fetster to newbies to the alternative dating scene, as you will instantly feel welcomed and at ease; no one's going to bite here... unless that's what you're looking for!

Fetster makes it into our Top 10 because it will appeal to many people on a limited budget. Head over to Fetster.com now to check it out for yourself.

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