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Category: BDSM / Bondage Fetish Adult Dating Sites
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Fetlife Review

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We have awarded Fetlife our prestigious Bronze Award in this category, having reviewed 15 BDSM / Bondage Fetish Adult Dating Sites. Read our review below to find out why...

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A newcomer on the block, Fetlife have shaken up the world of alternative dating with their innovative approach to all things kinky. With their light, chatty and funny style, Fetlife takes third spot in our top ten list of the best alternative adult dating websites. With many well-established contenders in this category this was no easy task. It will be interesting to see whether Fetlife rises or falls in the rankings in the coming months.

What will surprise users upon signing up is that there is no home page showing pictures of others in your area, or even a dedicated member search option. The idea is that through participating in the groups, forums, and events you make friends who will then appear in your contacts and newsfeed; a kind of Facebook for the fetishist. Everyone contributes, as this is the only way to make contact with others, and the tonnes of high quality material shared everyday gives you plenty of inspiration to bounce off and build upon.

In this way, Fetlife have harnessed the critical mass necessary to create a circle of depravity in which everyone’s a winner. Nearly 20 million photos and 177 thousand videos have already been shared on Fetlife and this number is climbing everyday.

If you're concerned about retaining copyright of any pictures and videos you upload to Fetlife, you may wish to make some enquiries with Fetlife's customer support, as our research suggests that theory and practice are sometimes at odds on Fetlife.

Sign-up is simple and basic: some security questions and a confirmation email are required. You will then land on your personal homepage where a light and friendly tutorial awaits you outlining the basics on getting started.

You can browse to your heart's content all the groups, discussions, and event advertisements. You'll also find a notes and journals section which is basically a kinky blogosphere for you to unload that dirty mind of yours, as well as enjoy the contents of others' minds.

With nearly 5 million discussions, 1.7 million blog posts, over 329,000 upcoming events on all things fetish, and 84,000 groups, from choking to chakra energy play, even those with the most obscure sexual preferences will be sure to find playmates for their wildest fantasies.

As you will soon discover, the pay wall pops up when you click on that first enticing video that catches your eye. However, at just $5 a month, there’s very little standing between you and world of filth. For those who are already convinced, a lifetime membership is available for just $240.

As well as access to this titillating treasure trove you’ll get other benefits such as privileged access to new features and a customizable friend feed.

With of almost 4 million members, there are certainly lots of people to get in touch with. However, as Fetlife is more of a social network for fetishists than a conventional alternative adult dating website, we don't think that Fetlife's search and security features are as good as rivals such as Alt.com and BDSM.com who have fine-tuned things over the years. We think think that Alt.com would be a safer bet for helping you to find like-minded people to share your passions with, in a safe and secure environment.

However, if you've already tried the higher rankings alternative adult dating websites and are now looking for something a bit different and grass-root, then Fetlife may be worth exploring. Fortunately, as all of the top ranking sites offer free membership subscriptions, you can sign up to more than one site, see how they work up close and personal, and then decide which site would better suit your preferences.

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